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Sexual Intelligence

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Sexual intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize own sexual desires and performances and those of others while spontaneously discerning between different sexual desires, performances and partners. It also includes the ability to react speedier to sexually adapt appropriately using sexual information.

This should be by following own feelings and those of others to guide sexual thinking and behaviour, and adjust the sexual performance and desire to adapt to environments.

The following are wide array of elements needed to enhance sexual intelligence of an individual based on sexual competences and skills, which drive sexual leadership and performance.

Communication for sex

Sex starts by finding the right partner. In the beginning, it is really important to present yourself as you are. Avoid sexual inferiority complex, by presenting yourself as inadequate sexually, or even showing your sexual deficiency through your communication. Don’t undersell yourself, as well.

Sexually inferior men want confirmation. They want to be told whether the size of their penis is good enough or how nice their penis looks, and they keep asking women to rate their penis during sex just for reassurance. They usually ask: "how do you like my penis? Is it big enough? Tell me you love my penis as you suck it.” That’s what they want to hear all the time.

But, that’s actually unnecessary, as size and appearance doesn't matter. It’s all about the skills!

Other communication problems are:

For example, as a man, when seeking to meet your potential future partner and start date by saying,

“ girlfriend or wife left me (for another man), or she cheated on me"

Here, you are presenting yourself as weak and not good enough. The best way to talk about your past relationships is to say,

"...I am single. My girlfriend/wife and I ended the relationship or marriage."

…no need to give reasons, especially if the reasons present you as weak or not good, particularly, sexually. Also, avoid exaggerating by presenting a sexual superiority complex. Don’t sell yourself as macho while you aren’t!

Adapting to sexual partner's needs

Being able to study and adapt your sexual performance and desires to your partner’s, and very fast, is a very important skill in sex. The skill is needed in particularly for one-night-stands and spontaneous sex, like ‘bought' sex. Remember, sex is sex, whether one-night-stand, relationship, cheat or bought!

There shouldn’t be difference in performance in either sex. Thus, there can’t be sexual activities which

"I only do that when in a relationship and having sex with my partner, and not just with everybody (expect the use of condoms, of course!)."

That’s false! Your sexual personality should be the same everywhere and should determine your sexual performance and desire. The only thing needed is the ability to adapt it with sexual partner’s, and very fast, for harmonious sexual experience. Things like,

“...I only kiss in a relationship, not during random sex,"

makes no sense because, if kissing is part of your sex routine, you are not going to enjoy the sex or even get fully hard while having random sex, if you are not kissing. However, it depends whether you are a kisser or not. And therefore, there isn’t something like relationship sex, cheating sex or bought sex performance!

Realism towards optimism and not towards pessimism

So, the communication and your thinking during sex should be based on positiveness and not negativity. Avoid things and suggestions, which will negatively affect your performance. Things like

"I don’t think I will get an erection ; I don’t think I am going to cum etc.”

...should be avoided. Use motivational words based on your fantasies. Be realist but towards optimism rather and realism towards pessimism. If your erection isn’t full enough see it as it is getting fuller rather than it is getting lesser.

An optimists see his erection as half full, the pessimist as half soft!

Also avoid talking things which aren’t of sexual nature during sex. Don’t start asking your partner how the day or job was, while sitting on your dick ridding, or on her fours waiting for your dick for a doggie!

Dominance vs leadership in sex

Especially, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, it is better, even if you are introvert, and in particularly, if you are a man of particular age, to never tell your potential sex partner that you are looking for a woman who can dominate you in bed and that you like being submissive.

Image: msgrata

Dominance and submission are very strong words for real world people. It is used in porn or brothels, or once a relationship is established and reached another level.

These two words present a man's weakness. Wanting a mistress is ok if practised 'from time to time' sex, but very difficult as part of daily life's sex. So, you better tell your potential partner,

“...I like if a woman CAN AS WELL lead during sex,’ rather than, ‘I like being dominated during sex."

Remember, women are naturally the weaker sex. Not men. Let your woman know she has a man, but she can lead from time to time, and not having to take the whole sexual responsibility to DOMINATE you because you are/want to be submissive. She is not looking to be a mistress, but rather a girlfriend or wife. So be realistic and don’t scare her with too much sexual responsibilities. Women are still women who like stronger men, and men should still be men who show their strengths!

There is ‘NO’ thing as ‘EVERYTHING' in sex.

Most of the time when asked "what do you like in sex?," most men tend to say, "I like everything."

Do you know it is almost impossible to like everything in sex? Sex is very wide-ranging. It is therefore important to tell your sex partner exactly which sex activities you like to perform and to be performed on you, and which sex positions you like and which ones you dislike. Also, during sex act, lead and direct your partner on the softness, hardness or roughness of the action. How you like it… like


"…I like my balls being licked but gentile with very sloppy blowjob. I like soft nipple seduction. I like doggie and missionary positions… etc., and you?”
So stop EVERYTHING for answer.!

Let’s take it as it comes…the try and error sex!

Others don’t say what they like in sex as they believe that sex is a spontaneous act that should be taken as it comes.

Therefore, when asked what they like in sex, if they don’t answer with everything, they usually say… "Let’s take it as it comes. What will be will be!"

This can cause insecurities as your sex partner will be unsure whether whatever he or she is doing is good or not as the sex becomes a try and error. Generally, it’s better to give some keywords based on your sex personality and desires.

Give direct answers and no counter-questions

When asked "What would you like?” in sex, please give an answer to the question and don’t answer a question with a question, especially during the sex act. For example, when asked,

“Which position do you want?" Instead of saying "I would like from behind or front…” most men do give back answers by asking the same question back like, “What do YOU like?” Otherwise they say, “…Do whatever you want with me!"

They do so trying to present themselves as not being ego-centric and being considerate of their partners' desires, during sex. However, this might end-up making sex less pleasant as the woman might end-up getting bored or feeling as if she is the only one responsible for/of the whole fun.

Matching sexual desires with own personality

The ability to match one’s sex personality to the right sexual desires is very important. Some people have sexual desires which don’t match their sexual personalities. A good example is a shy-introvert guy who likes and wish for dirty-talks during sex while he can’t respond during a dirty-talking session, ending up becoming with a dirty-mono-talk.

Remember, the best way for dirty-talk is not by asking, “Can you dirty-talk with me?” ...during sex, but rather by starting the dirty conversation, which is based on your personality. Therefore, extroverts would do it naturally better than introverts.

Ability to act and show

Act: Sex mostly starts with seduction whereby kissing is among the top sexual acts. Some people, however, tend to ask, ‘Can I kiss you?’ as an act of showing respect, or for consensual reasons, therefore asking permission. However, sex among people who meet with the purpose of having it, should be unrestrained act. Too much stoppage makes it boring.

So permission asking to touch or kiss makes things very occurred, and especially, during the first sex date.

The best thing is to find out about the chemistry and once it is there, let the act flow by sending your lips in a kissing motion and hands on a caressing motion, as well, to your sex partner and see his or her reaction, whether she/he respond the same way, being, accepting the kissing and caress or not. That would be by moving towards locking lips and appreciating the kissing and caressing back. However, avoid exaggerated-kissing by studying whether the person has had enough of it, or if he/she doesn’t like too much of it, once they move the lips against the kissing position.

Show: In sex, one need the ability to show what he or she can, instead of asking each and every time whether it is ok to touch, leak or kiss. For example, asking, "Can I touch your breasts?" while already in action, instead of just touching and maybe asking "How do you like it. Soft or rough?" So, show what you are capable of doing and then ask how it is liked for adjustment with the receiver’s likes and dislikes.

Senders and receivers in sex

In sex, both parties are senders and receivers. The sender sends a sexual advance, the receiver reacts, as the sender reads the reaction to see whether to continue with the advance or change to another sexual advance.

So sex is a trial and error act in need of quick reactions!

Ability to see and react

See: The other point is seeing reaction and reacting. Like, for example; you are fingering a person who doesn’t like too much fingering. Then she pulls your finger out, once she feels uncomfortable and place them on the outer part. Then she tells you she likes fingers but slightly on the outside rather than inside, and soft rather than rough.

But instead of you reacting by following her instruction, you keep on repeating the same thing, over and over again that she keeps pushing your hands away, over and over again. And that is wrong!

Or you hold her head when she is performing a blowjob, forcing a deep-throat. Then she removes your hand giving you a signal that she doesn’t like. However, you keep on repeating the same thing, because you believe that all women like it, since it is sex and sex has no rules, which is the psychological-effect coming from the porn industry, of which you usually watch a portion of all the porns, whereby, what you think is general, isn’t general, at all, as you watch a portion of existing sexually desires, which you specifically search for. And that’s not general!

React: Or a woman tells you "I am cumming” during oral sex and asks you to stop once she cums because she is sensitive, but you keep on rubbing her pussy because you don’t believe she really ‘came’ since she didn’t squirt while not all women squirts' when they cum during sex. And majority don’t!

Ability to judge sexual situation

It is important to be able to notice and judge sexual situations and resolve them. Also think of consequences of actions taken, well in advance, to avoid making mistakes. For example, notice when a woman is dry during sexual penetration and lubricate her vagina and your penis whenever necessary, but using the right products.

Never USE OIL to lubricate because condoms will burst once in contact with oil.

Therefore, avoid oil or too much of it during the foreplay. And if you have to oil any body part during the foreplay, avoid oiling the intimate areas such as pussy, penis or anus, which will lead to condoms getting in contact with oil. Also, clean your hand first to remove any oil before continuing to touching the condom or intimate areas.

Sexual cautious and vigilance

Always make sure to practise safe sex and if doing so, think of the fact that things can happen. Therefore, be vigilant by always controlling how good the condom is sitting, if it is still on and when practising rough sex, change condoms as much as you can, and when the sex is dry, change condoms, as much as possible.

Never use expired condoms and avoid oversized condoms for small or thin penises or undersized ones for men with big or extra large penises. Thus, have the right condom and know your size.

Don’t forget that there are men who like to take advantage of trust from women that during certain positions they push condoms inwardly, or even break them on purpose.

That’s a non-consensual condom removal, known as “stealthing” and it is illigal.

It is the practice of a man covertly removing a condom during sexual intercourse, or damaging it before sex. Therefore, trust, yes, but be vigilant as well.

Never continue fucking after ejaculating

This should be common-sense, but even sex-experienced men keep on doing it.

There are men, especially, those who ejaculate too fast and ashamed of saying that they have ejaculated during sex, because it happened too fast, that they keep on fucking with condoms which are full of semens and sperms, hoping that the sex partner won’t realise.

This is very dangerous because a condom full of sperms can slide and remain inside the poor person while the penis with sperms keep on sliding in and out and spilling more sperms inside of her during the friction, without her knowledge, risking making her sick or pregnant. The condoms can also break due to wetness. Therefore, even if it is just pre-cum in the condom, once the condom is too wet and heavy a bit, it should be changed.


Before starting your sex, study your partner, terrain, and ambiance and position yourself accordingly, adapting behaviour, personality and the surrounding. When you have mirrors in your room position yourselves so that you can use them during the act. Don’t start fucking while you are on uncomfortable area or even on the edge of the bed.

A good sex starts in the middle of the bed and adjusted with time based on the heights and the positions. So try positioning yourselves in the middle of the bed to start sex, where you have enough space for manoeuvring, left-right-up or down.

Also, position yourselves based on sizes of body, penis, boobs or booties. If you are tall, as a man, and your partner is small, check height-ratios and make sure legs of the shorter person, are on the inside during doggie-style. Tall men should also be low-lying during missionary positions, to allow better penetration.

Adapt your sex style and position to your size.

If you have a large and long penis, know it might be painful during penetration. Thus, learn and accept being a slow-fucker. Don’t be hard and rough. Choose positions which a less painful for your partner, as well. Or avoid deep-penetrations (mostly through these positions) by positioning your partner in a way that she can’t feel too much pain, like avoiding bending her too much, in a way that reduces the length of her vagina, thus feeling more pain.

So positions like ebony, catapult or turtle and many other deep-penetration positions are less recommended for someone with long and big dick.

Thus, remember, having a big penis isn’t always a blessing, it can be a curse, as well, like having difficulties with erection, which means, you choose position which don’t affect your erection, or don’t expect deep-throat when your dick can’t fit in someone’s mouths.


Also, if your penis is too short for a certain position then avoid that position. BE AWARE with short penis, condoms might slide inside once erection isn’t strong enough and be vigilant. So try a position and if it doesn’t work the way you expected move on to another position.

BUT ALWAYS KEEP MASSAGE YOUR PENIS TO MAINTAIN YOUR ERECTION! And remember the 1/3 rule of sex, as well.

Erection-based positions

Being able to notice your erection strength and decide on which position to take during that moment is very important.

If you like cowgirl, remember, it only functions once the erection is full. Never ask for cowgirl if you are not getting hard enough!

Men of particular age with erection difficulties should also consider their love for cowgirl. Most of them need to focus on missionary, which is the best erection-boosting position.

So always decide on a position which matches the erection. Where erection isn’t strong enough, start with kissing-emotional-based-missionary position first to harden your penis and later, when you are hard enough you become flexible to practice cowgirl or doggie.

Adapt position to the terrain. Avoid being sex diva. Be flexible!

Adapt your position based on your sex ambiance and terrain you are in. Never fix your sex to certain positions as it takes your flexibility away.

For example, what would you do if you only fuck hardcore positions like PRAYING MANTIS, OVERPASS AND SUPERNOVA, and you only have hard surface to fuck on, or small uncomfortable room, maybe just bathroom or cellar. Then it’s difficult if you can’t fuck on just normal positions like missionary or classical doggie, or you can’t cum with easy sexual activities such as tit-fuck, hand or blowjob? So be able to adapt your sex position and sexual desire based on your mood, physical, emotional and psychological well-being, the surrounding, terrain and ambiance all the time.

Therefore, there should be no standard-ness in sex of a person. Flexibility and adaptability is key in sex!

Privacy invasion

Interestingly, most men when they call for escorts they prefer having sex in the living-room rather than the bedroom, because they don’t want their privacy to be invaded, or maybe they don’t want to psychologically contaminate their marital beds, the place where they have had unforgettable moments with their wives or girlfriends, which is understandable, especially if the guy is cheating.

However, fucking on a marital sofa might be even worst and more contaminating, because, a sofa isn’t easily washable in comparison to beddings, which could immediately be changed. A sofa, once stained, the stain will stay forever. Moreover, it is a place where you have been more romantically with your girlfriend or wife than in a bed. It all starts on a sofa!

But, in case you prefer a sofa, let it be comfortable and don’t forget to have a blanket cover on it before you start banging on it.

Ability to harden oneself; and make oneself cum

As a rule of thumb, every man need to know how to harden himself. He also has to know how he easily cums!

It is very important. This includes knowing when to use hand to massage penis to get hard faster, if for some reasons, the sex partner can’t make you hard (enough). Also, he has to understand his body sexually, knowing his erogenous zones, being, which elements needs to be sexually activated, and how to be gotten hard faster. It is also important to know which is the right time for him to cum and how can one make him cum easier, especially by knowing which sexual positions, or which sexual activities makes him hornier, for him cum for sure.

Know your performance rate

For pre-mature ejaculators, to know when it is the time to break to avoid cuming too early; or to know how many times one can break before getting difficulties to ejaculate, which means being able to know when enough is enough, is also important in sex. Fucking randomly without knowing one’s performance rate isn’t good.

It is like shooting random in the dark!
Your ejaculation ability defines you sexually, as it is part of your sexual personality, it says who you are sexually; being, are you a multiple or single ejaculator?

Also, know your ejaculation capability. How many times can you cum during sex. Are you a one-time ejaculator or a multiple-ejaculator. And how many times for how long. Assuming you will know with the mood, once the sex has begun, isn’t a sexual prowess.

Moreover, know what your time lag is, the time you need between ejaculation and the starting point for the next round. You should also know your bouncing rate for the sex friction, to be able to know when you have to fuck slow and when to increase your fucking speed. Also know which speed to use when, like slow in the beginning and faster in the end, and which speed enables you to cum, and apply during the climax. This is because, when you are too slow during the climax, you might end up not ejaculating.

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