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How To Manage Your Horniness To Have Longer Sex

Do you have problems in sex that you cum too faster?

Here is a model on how to manage your horniness to prolong your sex time period, based on the time you have. It can be 15 Minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hours, or whatever. As you wish.

Remember sex is just like any lifecycle you have come across.
A good sex is planned. If you don’t plan your sex, then you don’t know what you want to do and for how long you want it to last, which I will call 'blind sex'!

Horniness Management

The above graph is a model where you see the percentage of horniness parallel to erection, which is up to 100%, against time in minutes, which in this case is 60 minutes.

Imagine you have an hour time, which you want to enjoy a full-time sex. One thing you have to know is, even those people who have 2 hours long sex, they usually undergo the same excitement you have in the beginning, which is, you feel like you are going to cum any minute. However, they manage their horniness.

Without horniness management, you can’t make it for too long.
How do they do it?

Remember, in sex you have to feel extremely horny once you see the person you are going to have sex with. The person should make you want to cum the moment you touch, caress and once you start the foreplay, but you have to manage the horniness to be able to last long. To do this, you have to know how long you want to do what. And for a good management, divide your sex period into three phases

  • One/third-Foreplay phase

  • Second/third-Sex Enjoyment phase

  • Three/third -Sex Climax phase

This works for people who likes shorter foreplay and longer sex.

For those who like longer foreplay and shorter sex they can make the first two phases as foreplay and the last phase as sex and climax.

For the horniness management to work, you have to know your excitement level and know when the excitement is 50%, when it’s 60%, when it’s 70%, when it’s 80%, when it’s 90%, which is the point of no return and play with the excitement levels. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Foreplay Phase (0-21 min)

In the foreplay, you can plan the first 20 minutes to play and seduce. During this time, you need to break as much as possible. Once you start with kissing, caressing and touching your erection gets fuller and fuller with the increase in horniness.

In the first 3 minutes you get extremely horny that the degree of your erection gets to 100%. Horniness goes from 0-80%.

The intensiver it gets the more dangerous it gets. At this point you have to break before you reach 90%, which is a point of danger, as in, if you pass it, you might get to a 100% very fast, which is the point of no return and you will cum.

So it’s important to break as early as possible.
Usually, you break by telling your sex partner to slow down, or you stop the sex activity you are doing for sometime.

If it’s 69, stop licking and stop your partner from sucking by pulling your dick out of the mouth. If it's just sucking let the person stop or pull your dick out of the mouth. So communication and signalling is very important.

Then you have a break at minute 12. By minute 15 you start again with the sexual activity and by minute 18 you reach 80% of excitement. Soon you will reach the climax of the foreplay, which is at 90%, where you break by minute 21. Here you decide to end the foreplay and start the sex.

Sex Enjoyment Phase 1 (24-42 Min)

After the foreplay, you have a short break, which is the point where you start penetration, which begins by positioning yourselves.

In the beginning, the horniness level is low and the erection itself is a bit lower. So you have to massage the dick a bit before penetrating to increase the erection level from 70% to 90%, then penetrate. If you want a cowgirl position, never start the penetration unless the erection is at least 90%. Otherwise you will gradually loose the erection.

Once the dick is in the pussy (anal), you start getting excited and harder.

The erection increases from 90% to 100% and the horniness increases as well, starting from 75% to 80% to 85% and once you reach 90% you need to be careful and break, going back to 60% at minute 42. Here, if you don’t break you'll cum.

To break means telling your partner to slow down, change position or by pulling out, depending on the position you are in.

At this point remember to fuck slower and not too fast.

Sex Climax Phase 2 (51-60 Min)

After the break, you can change to your favourite position to cum.

Here you decide it’s time for you to cum. So you start fucking while increasing your speed gradually, to reach 70% of horniness, then maybe break a bit at 80% (if you wish to), or just continue non-stop from 70%, to 80% to 90% then reach 100% and cum.

Sex Phase 2 (51-60 Min): The Decline

In sex, once you break you have to be careful not to have a decline in erection or horniness.
It’s important to rejuvenate at the right time and therefore know how to rejuvenate. Don't wait until the erection start declining to a point of no return.

Therefore, know when it's the time to cum and cum. Don’t exaggerate by over-breaking because your body might be too tired that you get to a point where you can no longer cum.

That’s why you have to plan how long you can do what, which should be based on your sex stamina.


Also, it’s important to know how to make yourself harder again after the break, without having to wait for your sex partner to make you hard. That’s why you have to be able to use your own hands and massage yourself until you get hard and continue with the sex until you climax.

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