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Foreskin and Circumcision

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Foreskin, said to be a specialised tissue, which is jam-packed with nerves containing stretch receptors, sometimes it proves to be problematic specifically, if it doesn’t function as it should, be it too much or too tight.

The major question is, how does your erect penis looks like?

  1. Does your foreskin affect your sexual life in any way?

  2. Do you feel like you have some difficulties with your penis or does your sex partner has some problems with it?

  3. During your erection, do you see your complete glans or does your foreskin block it in anyway?

  4. Does your foreskin pulls back nicely or does it create a tight neck somewhere between the penis glans and the penis body?

  5. Where do you see your erect penis if you look at this picture?

Erect Human Penis

A perfect penis should kind of look like this when erect, mostly when circumcised, or if uncircumcised, when the foreskin perfectly retract during the erection.

Since the foreskin can cause some difficulties, as many people are against circumcision, men, and women (women because they are the mothers who make major decisions on circumcising their boys when they are infants or children, the best age for it) viewed from a religious perspective.

The problem is, some men may have problem with their penis, however, some don’t view it as a problem since they think it’s normal, as in, they are born that way. For this reason, I have decided to analyse issues related to foreskin to help men understand some matters and help them see it as problem with solutions, which they might have not known or thought about.

This blog, therefore analyses men penises, their foreskin and effects on their sexual organs, which might encourage them to rethink about circumcision or other measures.

Frenum Breve (Short Freum), Phimosis, Paraphimosis and Circumcision

Frenum breve, phimosis, paraphimosis and circumcision, ever heard of these terms?

If not, then I am going to explain.

Physiologic phimosis and paraphimosis are conditions common on uncircumcised adults due to tight foreskin by birth but it isn't a disease. The difference between the two is:

Frenum Breve (Short Frenum)

On an uncircumcised penis, the frenulum is the fold of skin that connects the head of the penis (glans) to the foreskin. Frenulum breve is when that fold of skin is too short and tight that it is pulling the foreskin upward, that it can not retrieve well. It can cause painful, uncomfortable erections, but treatment can help.

Frenulum breve is a penile disorder. Also known as short frenulum, it’s when the skin fold that connects the head of the penis (glans) to the underside of the foreskin is too short. The purpose of the frenulum is to allow the foreskin to draw back over the glans. If the frenulum is too short, it pulls on the foreskin and causes pain or discomfort.

A penis with a frenum piercing.

It sometimes genetically and congenital, as men, especially from Sri-lanka origin and some Asiatiatic nations seems to suffer from frenum breve more, because, most of them have shorter frenum.

What are the treatments for frenulum breve?

There are several treatment methods for short frenulum depending on severity of your condition. Your provider may recommend stretching exercises and steroid creams. If frenulum breve home treatments does not work, here are other options:

  • Frenuloplasty.

  • Penile frenulectomy.

  • “Pull and burn” method.

  • Circumcision.


During a frenuloplasty, your provider:

  1. Gives you local anesthesia (numbing medicine), or general anesthesia (which puts you to sleep).

  2. Makes small cuts in the frenulum.

  3. Uses dissolvable stitches to repair the frenulum lengthwise, which subtly increases its length.

Frenuloplasty is ideal, if you want to retain your foreskin, and sometimes even better than circumcision, because foreskin is sometimes best in sex, since it retains penis sensation (feelings).


Phimosis, which is not a disease but rather a condition by birth where an adult male is unable to retract his penis foreskin behind the glans penis, might lead to infection, scarring, inflammation or callus of penis foreskin (Hornhaut). The condition should not be diagnosed at childhood since children’s foreskin is naturally tighter. Therefore, it should rather be diagnosed after puberty or on adult men.

Pain during sex and penis infections

People with phimosis experience pain during erection, urination or after ejaculation where they have to pull their foreskin back to clean and dry the glans. This might also lead to balanitis and wounds on the glans, which looks unappetising and scaring. And if they are unable to clean their penis well they risk the storage of urine, pre-ejaculation fluid or penis discharge, which leads to unpleasant odour, therefore women might have problems to perform blowjob or oral sex on such penises. It is also an ideal environment for incubating bacterial diseases, which are infectious to their partners once they have unprotected sex.

Moreover, if the foreskin cannot retract fully, it might affect erection, as it might not be reach fully, therefore affecting sexual pleasure.

Furthermore, since some people have more sexual arousal on the glans and especially if their glans have Hirsuties Coronae Glandis (also known as Hirsuatoid Papillomas and Pealy Penile Papules) which are small protuberances that form on the ridge of the glans of (some) human penis and are sensitive features said to contribute to more sexual pleasure and quicker orgasms, if the foreskin cannot fully retract over the glans, the sensitive features are not exposed therefore these people might not fully enjoy during their sexual intercourse, which might affect their ejaculation, as well.

Storage of sperms under the foreskin

There are risks of hidden sperms, which might lead to unwanted pregnancies. Think it this way... You just had sex with your girlfriend and used a condom and ejaculated, or maybe without a condom and pulled to ejaculated outside or on her body since she is on her unsafe days and doesn't take anti-baby pills. You cleaned your penis, nonetheless, you couldn’t do it well, but you don’t think about this.

Then you thought the need for a second round. However, since it will take sometime for you to re-ejaculate you would prefer bare penetration first (as in without a condom) and be careful.

On the other hand side, you forget that you still have some sperms hidden between your foreskin and the glans since your foreskin is tight and you couldn’t clean or wash it well because it was painful to push your foreskin backwards for cleaning purposes. What will happen is, if your girlfriend is on her unsafe days, she might end up getting pregnant, without your wish or knowledge! BE AWARE AND CAREFUL!

Calluses and STDS

Some may develop a steady ring of calluses around the edges of their penis foreskin (Hornhaut-Ger) due to injuries that occur when brushing their foreskin during masturbation that may lead to skin irritation, which with time will become hard and change colour leading to aesthetic problems where the penis is unattractive to look at that some women are scared to touch or suck it as they think it might be as a result of an STD while it is harmless. Do you like the question, 'why is your penis looking this way?' If not, why don't you do something? These injuries also increases the chance of such a person getting STDs when performing unsafe sex even the harmless oral ones. So for such a case it is advisable to go for SAFE SEX.

Higher risk of STD infection

The risk of STD infection is higher. It is scientifically proven that uncircumcised men have more risk of getting STDs than circumcised, where circumcision is said to reduce the risk by up to approximately 60% . However, the risk is even higher on people with tighter foreskin. Let's think of French Bare (FB) or Bare Blowjobs. Here we usually say that the risks of STD transmissions are low. However, for people with phimosis the risk is even higher since their foreskin hides the virus infested saliva they can not fully wash them out immediately after sex and the saliva has enough time to penetrate through the penis opening, which is called meatus. So for such a case you rather go for SAFE SEX.

These similar problems could be expected on people with too much foreskin.


Paraphimosis, on the other hand, men can retract their foreskin behind the glans, however it forms a thin tight neck between the penis body and the glans, which of course affects the sexual pleasure as the erection isn’t as strong as it should be.

In this case, problems like penis swelling, edema, pain are expected as skin get trapped with a tight tissue ring being formed by the foreskin on the penis body. As we know, unlike other mammals, human penis has no erectile born or baculum. Instead it relies on engorgement with blood to reach the erection state. If the tight skin is trapped between the glans and the body of penis there might be difficulties for sufficient blood to reach the glans, thus this person might end up experiencing weak erection or none.

How to solve Foreskin Problems

There are several possibilities to solve the problem, both manual and operative.

1. Stretching: Manual Solution

One possibility to solve problems of tight foreskin is through a manual reduction of the problem where the foreskin is stretched using stretching rings kit like Phimocure or Phimostop that can be bought from a pharmaceutical and therefore solving the problem without sugary and help restore the natural function. It is a therapy that can be done in 45 minutes sessions of 2 -3 times a day.

PhimoStop Plus € 135,00 (Italian) Phimocure £22.99 (English)

The ultimate solution for frenulum breve, phimosis, paraphimosis and too much foreskin is performing a surgical slit, or circumcision, which is maybe the best. However, the aesthetic results of an adult circumcision might be different and less appealing than if the circumcision was conducted as a boy or a baby due to the scar healing.

Moreover, from doctor to doctor, circumcised penis look different. Thus think of aesthetic factor when deciding who will circumcise you. You don’t want an ugly penis with too much scaring. Do you?

In general, uncircumcised men may have more sexual pleasure than circumcised ones, if we follow the notion that foreskin has some important nerves which boost the sexual pleasure. However, if we analyse this by looking at the sexual-partners-effect then we may have a different view.

It has been scientifically proven that sexual partners of circumcised men have more fun due to cleanliness of the sexual organ, thus they can perform better, long and enjoyable oral sex.

Therefore, circumcised men enjoy a better and longer foreplay, oral sex than uncircumcised, who due to ‘their' too much penis feelings, have to be extra careful no to cum too fast.

Moreover, there is lesser risk of infection by circumcised than by uncircumcised couples, especially because uncircumcised penises trap moisture between the glans and the foreskin, which is a perfect environment for incubating bacteria thus female partners of uncircumcised men have higher risks and exposure to bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection.

Another issue is on putting on or wearing a condom, especially the uncircumcised men with bigger penises may have too much foreskin-edge, which creates a bottleneck between the glans and shaft that make every condom look smaller.

So condoms cannot slide easier like by others and it is forced through by being pulled to make it pass through the barrier and then slide it. This process is not only painful but it also takes a lot of time leading to erection destruction which affects the whole sexual experience. Forcing the condom past the barrier might strain the condom to increase its vulnerability and therefore the chance of it to break. When it takes long to wear the condom, the erection might loosen. All this does not happen on circumcised penises!

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