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Insemination, an Element of Domination

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

During sex, once a guy is not cumming through penetration there are different forms of sexual activities to help him accelerate the speed of ejaculation to make him cum, such as masturbation, blowjob, deep-throat, handjob or oral sex and more.

Sex fantasy!
There are also men who are not into penetration sex itself, but want to just cum through some sex fantasies and sex domination, in that they receive oral sex or blowjob, hand-job or masturbate and cum on the woman’s face, body or mouth, and they are happier that way.

That way, the idea that they are going to cum on someone's face, body or in someone's mouth makes them hornier that they would cum very fast.

Titty-fuck and Titty-Insemination

For men who like big teats and especially natural, the best way to end the sex is to climax through titty-fuck.

There are several ways to do the titty-fuck, depending who the doer is, the guy or the lady, which are as follows:

The lady does it

  • The guy sit, best on the bed-edge, and let the lady do the titty-fuck. While she is on her knees, she has to make sure that the penis is well erect through blowjob, hand massage/ hand-job. When the penis is hard enough she can either slide her teats with the penis between them after wetting the cleavage with her saliva, which is best, or oil, or lube.

  • Please note that wetting with oil might be too slippery to tighten the teats with the penis between them, and remember, the tighter the better. Moreover, use oil only when you are sure you won’t ask for blowjob again or want to fuck with a condom thereafter.

  • Either way slide them until he splashes between them.

PS. Once the penis is contaminated with oil never penetrate again with a condom because oil accelerates condom breakage, unless you clean it.
During the titty-fuck, creative women dealing with big and long dicks can be creative to form double penetration state of art where they suck the penis pass the cleavage into the mouth, sucking the glans of the penis at the same time when they push their head low enough to reach the penis head, every time it comes up.

The guy does it

  • Otherwise, the guy should do the titty-fuck. This time round the woman lies down holding and tightening her teats. The guy comes on his knees with the woman lying under him between his thighs as he slides his hard dick (which should be harden by him massaging it in advance) between hers teats on the cleavage. Either one of them or both can press to tighten the teats, which is easier with bigger teats. After lubricating the cleavage or the penis with gel, saliva or oil, he can fuck the cleavage while tightening it with pressing. The tighter the better, until he cums!

If he cannot cum that way, maybe it is because he was not hard enough to begin with. Thus he should make sure he is hard enough or else he could/ should masturbate/massage his dick and splash on them.

Both do it

  • If the guy is lying on his back and want titty-fuck, it is possible. But both have to work to make it function. The lady is on top of the guy, between his slightly opened legs, which are also bent a bit upwards, facing towards him. She holds her lubricated teats with one hand placing his dick between them, as she faces him and supports herself with one hand on the bed/surface. He supports her holding and tightening the teats with one or both hands, while he moves his hips in a thrusting motion to slide his dick up and down between the teats until he cum between them.

Blowjob, Face-sitting, 69, Cum-in-Mouth (CiM) and Swallow

Another interesting way to end the sex is through blowjobs, which can be combined with face-sitting and 69, where in notorious settings, men like to Cum-in-Mouth (CIM) for the women to swallow their sperms or just for fun.

So while blowjobbing, it is easier to fullfil the art of Cum-in-Mouth (CiM) where the guy want the woman to swallow his sperms.

For women who hate men cumming in their mouths, which I can understand because some sperms look very unappetising that no woman would want such kind of sperms in their mouths, they may agree for body insemination instead, where the guy splashes anywhere on her body.

But 69 is not always ideal for Cum in Mouth (CIM) fantasy.

Especially, if a man is turned on by visualising how the woman is receive, leak and swallow his sperms, which is could be the main reason for him wanting the CiM. So obviously, the aspect of visualisation is not possible on 69 positioning. Therefore, it (the CiM) has to be conducted while sitting or standing or even lying and she is on her knees with the dick in her mouth.

Hand-job and Cum-on-Face (CoF)

There are also men who do not want to perform during sexual pleasure, and just want to be served by women as their servant. The macho art of sex!

That is their sex personality, which turns them on, where they may want to be sucked, to be hand-jobbed, or to just masturbate in the presences of a woman and dispose their semens in/on them (women), which is a form of their domination as the woman take the devot or slave role.

In addition, some may want their erogenous zones to be seduced by a woman while they masturbate where the woman's role is him commanding her to just:
  • lick his glans as he masturbate

  • lick his balls as he masturbate

  • rim-job him as he masturbate

  • kiss him as he masturbate

  • seduce his nipples as he masturbate

...and then he cums on her face (his fantasy), which is his porn and domination fantasy, which he want to fulfil and that is what makes him horny and happy.

Masturbating to cum in style

This style of masturbating to cum can, however, be applied to end the sex when a guy isn’t ejaculating after prolonged sexual intercourse, as the guy can make himself cum faster with his hand.
It is a good strategy for men with difficulties to ejaculate through penetration.

This means, when a guy realises that he cannot cum through penetration he can ask the lady to lie down so that he can lick her as he masturbate and then cum on her body.

He could also ask her to lie down and play with herself with her sex toys as he looks and masturbate until he cums on her.

He can also go on his knees on the floor as she kneels on the bed near the edge on a doggie style. He then licks her from behind, maybe her ass hole if it turns him on, or just ask her to shake her ass as he stands behind her and masturbate on her ass until he cums.

Domination and psychological satisfaction

While masturbating, it is easier to cum on a woman's face, where you as a man is standing as she either lies or she's on her knees and you do the splashing as your sexual pleasure.

And since (when) for a man it is a form of domination and a psychological satisfaction, it is important for him to lead the end-point, where if the woman was blow-jobbing or hand-jobbing him, once he feels like he is about to cum, he (the man) takes over his penis and finish with massaging his dick until he splashes on his target, which is her face, teats, body or in her mouth, depending on where he wants his sperms to land!

If the woman does the last point, the psychological satisfactory element for the man, as in, the domination aspect, will not be achieved, nor will it be fulfilled.
Thus, he, the guy, has to do the splashing part by directing his dick towards the target.

And this is the same for anal sex. The main motivation for most men to do anal sex is the domination aspect, as a way to belittle the woman. So the best position to have anal sex is by him doing it, as in, fucking the woman and not the woman fucking him.

Thus he has to select a position where he is the boss and not positions which makes a woman be the boss.

Anal sex on doggie, spooning, or missionary positions are the perfect domination positions, but if the woman has to fuck herself anal by ridding him on anal-cowgirl, it is just for fun purposes, which does not have the same psychological effect on that man’s mind, which would be the element of domination!

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