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Does Size Really Matter? Analysis From A Sex Expert Perspective!

Does the size of your penis really matter in sex? Is the size of your penis challenging your psychology in anyway? What can you do to function normal or like other men despite your size?

There’s a cultural perception that bigger absolutely feels better, or the bigger the better. But is that actually always the case?

This blog try to understand the topic based on these possible questions, which men might have asked themselves: 

  • "Is it the length of my penis important or its width?"

  • "When is small too small, and when is big too big?"

  • "Women don’t feel my dick. What can I do?"

  • "How can I boost my self-esteem despite my small size?"

  • "What strategies do I have to adapt my smaller size?"

  • "How can I make penetration sex enjoyable despite my bigger size?"

Is it really about the size?
Someone once said….

Anyway, the size might matter to men psychologically…

  1. Why this anyway?

  2. Does it matter to women as well? And when does small becomes too small?

  3. And, by the way, what size are you? Are you size...

6. Red (plus??

5. Red?

4. Orange? 3. Yellow?

2. Green?

1. Ivy-blue ?

How do you deal with situations like these:

Women don’t feel me due to my small size: What next! 

First and foremost, as far as I know, the length of a penis doesn’t matter, as such, for women to feel guys during sexual intercourse.

What matters is the diameter or width, as in, how broad or wide the penis is; and not how deep the guy can go.

However, there are, of course, some men with very (very) short penises, which makes penetration difficult, even in easiest positions like missionary or doggie style! 

Looking at the rainbow penis above, ask yourself:

  1. What if you (we)(a)re size ivy-blue?

  2. Do you think there are size ivy-blue men?

  3. Of course they are! But is it a problem? Of course it isn't, (if and only if), the right strategies are applied!

In general, a penis is short when you can't even manage to penetrate in the simplest positions such as missionary or doggie style, or if it can’t fit in most smaller condom sizes. If so, then, what?

To answer this question, let's first understand what sex is! 
Is sex just about penetration? No, it isn’t!

So what is sex?

Actually, sex is multi-faceted.

It used to be about penetration when God gave us sex for the purpose of procreation, like in the animal kingdom!

It was during the time when sex was considered boring, being only vaginal, when a man would just penetrate his dick in a woman's vaginal canal while maybe kissing or caressing her. But that was long before he (the man) realised that he could let a woman suck his dick, shortly before realising that he could deep his tongue in her pussy and eat it like there is no tomorrow, first before fucking it hard.

It was shortly before he realised how dirty he could get by dipping his tongue in his woman’s asshole and eat that booty like groceries!

No sooner he realised that, that asshole was large enough to accommodate his dick once he ate it and fingered it for some time, thus ending up dipping his dick in that booty for sometime, adding the word anal-sex to Kamasutra, the sex dictionary.

And while she was sucking his dick, he realised that he could push his balls deep in her mouth, making her lick and suck them, and as wet as possible, then pushed her head dipper under his genitals with her mouth wide open and her tongue led directly towards his asshole to make her lick it, ending up with a verb rimming.

And since he couldn’t have enough of that rim job, he asked her to intensify it by massaging his butthole with her finger(s), dipping it (them) inside for sometime, ending up adding another verb, prostate massage, into the world massage dictionary.

Subsequently, he realised he could ask her woman to do the same with his best-friend in his presence, generating a threesome art of sex. And since it worked well, he asked her do the same with her girlfriend, making a lesbo-show, as they could also play with some toys on each other as a substitute to a penis, while he watched and played with his dick until he splashed, which became the art of masturbation. And sometimes he joined them together with his best friend to form a gang bang.

And once the man realised that women could play with each other and have fun, he thought he could also sexually pleasure his boy (friend) since sex (became) not just with the opposite sex, starting gay-sex, ending up with a line of alphabets, which became the LGBTQ.

So with time, humans, broaden the purpose of sex, which became a fulfilment of intimacy, desire, making and showing love and appreciation, to comfort and provide physical pleasure and more and not just for procreation.

Penetration Sex

With time, penetration sex became a fraction of sex, and it isn’t the most important element of sex anymore.

Sex partners can be satisfied with sex even without penetration. And if you happen to make oral and toys sex enjoyable, and one of the most important aspect of your sex life, be it part of an adaptation strategy to the size of your sex organ, then you will never have to think about the size of your penis.

Therefore, vibrators and dildos could be your best friends, and your best threesome partners!
Openness into talking about penetration and penis alternatives, and trying new things, is also key!

​Penetration should become important the moment you want to start a family, as in to make babies. But even if you can’t penetrate, you can still get sperms in the pussy, even without having to penetrate into it, when need be!

You just need to ejaculate at the right time and the right place, and the sperms will swim their way in the pussy to reach the ovulating ovaries, to start with the conception, and foetus will come to be!

What’s important in sex?

By the way, the size of your penis doesn’t matter during your sex encounter, what matters is how you use your penis during the intercourse, your experience, flexibility, activeness, involvement, enjoy-ability, being confident with your body, and of course, your attitude towards women, and your self-esteem!

But, what if your size is affecting your self-esteem, what can you do?

Self-esteem Booster

The best way to deal with the situation is by finding out the advantages and disadvantages of smaller dicks, against bigger dicks. Weight in the disadvantages of bigger dicks and make them an advantage for having a smaller dick by saying: 

“...luckily I have a smaller dick, otherwise I would be a victim of that 'disadvantage'!

Think about these factors:

  • Erection problem

Men with bigger dicks have difficulties to have a stronger erection in comparison to smaller ones.

You, with a smaller one have a stronger erection, which gives you flexibility of having sex positions which, people with weaker erection can’t have, such as cowgirl, while those with weaker erection have to stick to missionary position, and have to dominate while you can just lie and enjoy the ride. Moreover, blow-jobbing a less erect penis isn’t interesting both for the blower and the enjoyer, which isn’t a problem for you.

  • Blowjobs and deep-throats

Deep-throats and deep blowjobs aren’t possible for men with big dicks.

Unfortunately they have to be satisfied with shallow blowjobs, and handjobs while you, on the other hand, can enjoy very long, deep and soaky-wetty blowjobs, without having to force a woman to suck your dick fully!​

  • Ejaculation difficulties

Moreover, men with too big dicks have difficulties to ejaculate through sexual intercourse due to the length of their pipeline and they are slow on the uptake, where they might need to execute their sex with a handjob or masturbation to ejaculate, while you not do not have such a problem.​​

Also, most of these men might have too much skin on their shaft which reduces their sexual feelings, thus they may even have problems to ejaculate even through handjobs.

And if they apply handjobs or masturbation to cum, they might need a lot of energy, force plus faster and harder friction during masturbation or handjobs, while it's still difficult due to the fact that their penises lack stability due to lack of erection during that instant!

  • Painful sex

Women don’t like too long or broader penises, which makes sex a painful experience and most men with bigger dicks are frustrated to get women who enjoy sex with them without complaining about pain, and that isn’t a problem for you.

And who wants anal sex with a guy with such a long dick? And, that will never be a problem for you.